Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Formal Introduction

Hello World.
It is no question that technology has mercilessly forced its way into our lives. A new internet of things is quickly becoming mainstream. Before we realize it, everything from the front door to the toaster oven will be intricately connected to cloud-based databases and APIs. In less than 5 years, the very clothing you use to protect yourself from elemental exposure and utter embarrassment will be connected to the internet. Ok, maybe our shirts and pants will be left out of the technology revolution for now but, with the ubiquity of WiFi and mobile networks nearly matching that of people who dress with great concern for appeal, it is obvious that our next step in tech is to design our software with the same ideas of wearable fashion in mind. 

What are we?
CarbonBuild is, at its roots, strategic and modern website development for companies and individuals. Since the dawn of contemporary internet technologies, we have journeyed through hundreds of libraries, APIs, tutorials, beta testing, and personal research to professionally advance our knowledge of the exponentially growing web development community. But it wasn't all for work. We develop not for capital gains -nobody paid us to spend our weekends programming and designing- we develop because it's in our blood. We are driven in what we do; every pixel perfectly crafted until we are personally satisfied.  

But it goes further than that. 
We started CarbonBuild with website design and development at our core. But, we don't want to end it there. We spend our days working to grow new ventures, diving into the world of smart phone application design, desktop software programming, new SEO and marketing strategies, graphic design, copy writing, and information security and anonymity.

What is "CarbonBuild"
When we decided to brand ourselves, we wanted a name that signified our subtle and yet effective strategy for web and software development. Carbon seemed obvious; it is found in every living organism -it is the fundamental basis for life. Succeeding this, the word build was a clear solution to exemplify our intention to develop beautiful and robust websites. Designed like a strand of the building blocks for human existence, the opening and closing tags are morphed together in a DNA pattern to epitomize our sublime coalescence of development and human life.

We have big plans for the future. Be part of our journey by joining us on Twitter (@CarbonBuildWeb) for news and updates.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just Starting

Well, several weeks into development our brand new website is almost completely finished!